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Millennials: Want to own property in Florida? Follow these tips.

Millennials face financial struggles that other generations did not. Student loans bog down millennials with massive debt while they attempt to navigate often saturated work markets. Those who find employment and are wise with their investments can still set themselves up to own property while in their thirties — even in Florida’s high cost housing market.

FL man thought he got a villa, only got 1 ft of land: 3 takeaways

The man thought he was getting the deal of a lifetime. He put in a bid for just over $9,000 to get a villa. He won…or so he thought. Upon further review it turns out he did not get the villa. Instead, he is now the owner of a plot of land that is approximately one foot wide and runs 100 feet long.

Real estate underwriting: The basics

Real estate underwriting can provide a valuable advantage for those who are looking to purchase real estate. Individuals looking to purchase a home or businesses looking to purchase property as part of a business venture will likely go through the underwriting process. This piece will provide some basic information about what the process is and how it works.

Will the 2019 hurricane season impact mortgage default rates?

Real estate in Florida can be some of the best in the world. Unfortunately, it can also come with some of the highest risk. Property along the coastline can be subject to the devastation of a hurricane. These powerful storms can destroy roofs, level walls and even change the shoreline.

Florida real estate scam costs family $77,000

The moment a buyer closes on a home is a moment of celebration. Yes, a large amount of money is at stake. But, if done correctly, at the end of the transaction the buyer walks away with a property of their own — and possibly at least partially the bank’s if the buyer got a mortgage.

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