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Keep smiling, South Florida - The market is as hot as ever

Shocking news for our regular South Florida readers: the residential real estate market shows no signs of slowing, with a recent report showing a double-digit jump in both prices and sales in at least two local counties. Prices have been rising for quite a while, so it should be no surprise that an increase in real estate transactions is continuing to push numbers higher.

Mortgage loan modification not perfect, but is viable option

Purchasing a home is an exciting milestone in life. Before buying, home seekers are put through a strenuous process by banks to see if they qualify for a loan. If they do qualify, then they can purchase their home. However, though the mortgage payment may be manageable at first, unexpected life events can render the payments difficult to make. The loss of a job, a cut in wages, or increased expenses from health-related issues may all affect a family's ability to pay their mortgage bill.

Keeping an eye on office buildings, warehouses and retail space

Although there has been a tremendous change in the South Florida real estate market over the last couple of years, many of our readers may not realize that commercial real estate has been playing catch-up to the residential market. For years office buildings, warehouses and retail space have been fairly cheap to come by, with many areas simply sitting empty for long stretches of time. However, according to a recent report, the commercial property market appears to be bouncing back.

How well is the South Florida real estate market recovering?

Anyone who has seen most of the previous posts here for the last several months knows that the South Florida residential real estate market is a lot like the weather - hot and only getting hotter. Residential development is basically in full swing, especially in the condo market, as builders attempt to capitalize on the incredibly strong demand in the local area. But, although most reports indicate that it is all "sunshine and roses" in South Florida real estate - especially for sellers - a recent article detailed just how far the market may have to go to get back to where home values were before the housing "bubble" burst.

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