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How is Florida's foreclosure rate looking lately?

There are a number of different entities that track housing statistics in all 50 states, including Florida. However, no one industry is probably more keen to keep and track these statistics than realtors. One website that Florida residents may find useful, RealtyTrac, constantly takes stock of the trends in real estate. One trend of particular significance is the foreclosure rate.

The possibility of a mortgage loan modification

Many of our South Florida readers are familiar with previous posts here addressing the problem of foreclosures, both in the local real estate market and nationwide. Although real estate markets throughout the country are on the rebound, including here in South Florida, there are still hundreds of thousands of homeowners everywhere who are on the brink of this potentially devastating financial dilemma.

A "zombie home" apocalypse in South Florida? - Not anytime soon

Many of our South Florida readers are probably fans of the different zombie television shows and movies that have been so prevalent in recent years, but they are probably tired of another type of zombie: "zombie" foreclosure homes. These are homes that are going through the foreclosure process, but the process isn't yet complete. However, even as the process plays out, the former resident of the home has already moved out. With no one living at the property to maintain it, and with the bank lacking ownership until the foreclosure process concludes, these homes stand vacant and unmaintained: they become "zombie" homes.

When title issues bring a deal to a screeching halt

When South Florida residents are getting ready to become part of their first residential real estate transaction, they are probably vaguely aware of one aspect of the deal that will pop up eventually: the title. The average person knows that this is an important part of any transaction involving residential property, and they are also usually aware that this is one of the more legalistic aspects of such a transaction. As a result, most buyers will get help in conducting a thorough investigation of any potential title issues from someone who knows what to look for and where to look.

When a construction defect leads to litigation

Many people enjoy the process of scouring South Florida to find the perfect home for their families. It can be exciting to see the different floorplans and amenities that the wide variety of homes that are for sale on the local market can offer. However, there are others who take a different approach when they are in the market for a new home: they have it built according to their own designs.

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