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Is the residential real estate market 'settling in'?

Anyone who is familiar with the reports concerning the residential real estate markets in South Florida, knows that most of the reports are positive, particularly for sellers. Residential property in South Florida has been pretty hot, unlike some other areas in the country. But, according to a recent report, the market for residential real estate in the local area may be settling down into a steadier, more predictable condition.

Zoning must be considered when purchasing commercial property

Commercial entities in South Florida, whether they are retailers, wholesalers or manufacturers, deal with all types of individuals and companies in the pursuit of making a profit. Many will enter into contracts with distributors and service vendors, and others will engage marketing firms to maximize their exposure and learn more about their customer base. But, how many business leaders consider that they may need to work with government entities, especially when they are considering an investment in commercial property?

Is pendulum swinging back in the South Florida housing market?

Anyone who has ever been involved in the real estate market -- buyer or seller -- knows that there are times that are better for one side or the other, depending on market conditions. Residential real estate, in particular, is subject to swings that go back and forth, with conditions favoring sellers at one moment and then swinging back toward favoring buyers the next. This is true in markets throughout the country, including in South Florida.

Going the 'for sale by owner' route -- do you still need help?

Why do some South Florida residents eschew real estate agents when they put their homes up for sale and go the "for sale by owner" route? The answers vary, but in many cases homeowners believe that they can market their homes just as effectively as a real estate agent, and save themselves the thousands of dollars that would come with a commission being paid upon the sale of the home. In this day and age of the Internet and online marketing, that may be true for some. But, can all help of any kind be avoided by listing a home as "for sale by owner?"

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