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Energy concerns in commercial real estate and industrial property

These days, if Fort Lauderdale residents aren't hearing about energy sector concerns and the environment on a daily basis, they probably aren't paying close attention to the 24-hour news cycle. Making homes, office buildings and other commercial and industrial properties more energy efficient is a big part of the economy. Advances in technology and increased concerns about the environment and climate change have prompted many businesses to look into the possibilities of making their properties more green and eco-friendly.

Are South Florida condo investors getting cold feet?

Most of our readers probably consider the condo towers that are popping up all over South Florida to be a common sight by now. The local residential real estate market has recovered much better here than it has in other areas of the country over the last few years. However, according to a recent report, there may be problems on the horizon.

What are the common causes of real estate disputes? - Part III

In Parts I and II of this multi-part series, we took a look at a number of issues that can lead to a real estate dispute between a buyer and a seller. Here in Part III, we will wrap up this series by examining a few other common causes of residential real estate disputes.

What are the common causes of real estate disputes? - Part II

In Part I of this multi-part series, we began to examine some of the most common causes of real estate disputes. Part I included the authority to sell, the legal description of the property in question and zoning issues. Here, in Part II, we will look at a few more common problems in real estate transactions.

What are the common causes of real estate disputes? - Part I

No one enters into a real estate contract thinking that something might get messed up during the transaction. Many of our South Florida readers have been involved in real estate transactions that have gone smoothly, with no unexpected situations stalling the deal. However, that obviously does not occur in every transaction. In some cases, a problem might arise that leads to a serious real estate dispute. In Part I of a multi-part series, we will take a look at some of the most common causes of these disputes.

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