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More good news - and bad news? - for South Florida market

By now our South Florida readers are used to seeing a constant stream of good news about the local residential real estate market. It probably seems like it has been months since anyone had anything negative to say about residential property in South Florida. That could be changing, however, as a recent report indicated that the data from the month of October showed a bit of a slowdown in some areas.

Huge real estate deal involves approximately 400,000 acres

Most people probably think that the largest areas of land for sale are located in the western parts of the United States. A recent real estate transaction in Florida transaction in Florida, however, may change that notion for many of our readers.

South Florida conference focuses on commercial real estate

Some of our South Florida readers may know that major metropolitan areas across the country are vying day and night to host conventions and symposiums held by trade associations, advocacy groups or sports organizations. These events bring much-need revenue to cities throughout America. But sometimes an organization will select a certain city to highlight that area's contribution to their overall goal. It appears that was a major factor for a recent event in Miami, the annual conference of the Global Diversity Summit.

Will scales begin to tip in favor of prospective buyers soon?

When a prospective buyer in South Florida is getting ready to make a real estate purchase, there are many different issues to confront. From negotiating terms of sale to investigating title insurance - and then actually attending the real estate closing - buyers have enough of their plates. But some of our readers probably know by now that buyers in the local area have another big problem: sellers are in control of the market right now.

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