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Tips for purchasing a vacant lot

It can be extremely difficult to find the home of your dreams, especially when you are looking at older homes that need a lot of work. Even though the market fluctuates, it can still be hard to find what it is you want in Fort Lauderdale. One way to circumvent this problem is to purchase vacant land and custom build the home of your dreams.

Reasons you need an attorney for a commercial transaction

Commercial transactions are some of the most complex real estate transactions you can enter into in Florida. Purchasing or selling a commercial property should never be ventured into without the assistance of an experienced commercial real estate attorney. Today, we will discuss some of the most common reasons why you would need an attorney for a commercial transaction.

How do I stop a foreclosure in Florida?

It's not uncommon for people to struggle to pay the bills. Everyone seems to go through a rough patch in life. It just happens sometimes. Whether it's caused by being laid off, an injury or you simply cannot find work, many people have trouble making it month to month. When you fail to pay your mortgage, things can go south quickly, including the foreclosure of your home. So, how do you stop a foreclosure in Fort Lauderdale?

How do I become a legal snowbird in Florida?

Are you thinking of moving to Florida but don't want to live there year-round? Do you have a vacation home in another area of the country, say the Mid-Atlantic states, that you like to live at during the summer months? If so, you can become a snowbird. Snowbirds are people who live in Florida for the warmth during the winter and then live elsewhere during the summer. So, how do you become a legal snowbird in Florida?

Disclosures needed when selling your home

Are you getting ready to list your home on the market in Fort Lauderdale, Florida? You likely have heard that there are some items that you need to disclose to potential buyers when making the sale. These disclosures are very important and shouldn't be skipped over or else you might find yourself in the middle of a real estate dispute.

Important tips for a first-time homeseller

Selling your home for the first time can be exciting, stressful and upsetting all wrapped into one. You are moving on from your very first home with your spouse or partner and finding a new place to live. This can be difficult emotionally for all of you, especially if you have children. Here are some important tips for those who are selling their home for the first time in Fort Lauderdale.

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