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What sellers have to tell buyers of residential real estate

The traditional rule of "caveat emptor" means that a Fort Lauderdale resident who wants to buy a new home needs to check out the property and make sure it is free of serious problems and, more generally, is somewhere where they can live long-term.

Good real estate contracts are key to preventing litigation

No one who sets about to buy, sell or develop real estate in the Broward County, Florida area wants to find himself or herself tied up in litigation. Such legal disputes are very costly both in terms of money and time, so much that even a relatively simple dispute can easily make a Floridian's investment in real estate not worth it.

Should I invest in commercial real estate or residential?

When Florida residents think of real estate, they think of buying a home to live in or shop to run. However, for many people, real estate is an investment, whether it is a residential real estate or commercial real estate. In fact, many people may already be investing in residential real estate, but adding commercial to the portfolio can help balance it out. However, there are some differences between the two types of real estate to keep in mind when making decisions to invest or not.

How can I get a good deal while buying in a short sale?

A prospective buyer is always looking for a good deal for buying a house. In this housing market, many Fort Lauderdale residents may find themselves considering buying a short sale house, as it often presents itself as a good deal. A short sale is where the house is for sale by owner at a rate lower than the amount owed. This usually happens when the house's value has fallen. A short sale happens with the lender's permission, as the lender is usually not getting all his money back.

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