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What role can property boundaries play in a real estate dispute?

Most of our readers have neighbors who live adjacent to their property. Let's face it: South Florida isn't exactly the type of wide-open country where you may not even be able to see your neighbor's home. No, Southern Florida is a highly-developed metropolitan area and, as a result of the high-density population, there are bound to be real estate disputes between neighbors from time to time.

Avoiding foreclosure in Florida

Most indicators show that the national housing market is improving. But, in Florida, the recovery is probably going to take longer for the state overall. Any of our readers who are familiar with previous posts here know that the South Florida area is doing better than most, but the rest of the state isn't having the same luck. Hundreds of Florida homeowners face the threat of foreclosure every day because they still have trouble paying their mortgage.

The right documents - and guidance - crucial to real estate deals

In a residential real estate deal, a prospective buyer can get distracted by how exciting it can be to move into a new home. The same excitement can also pop up in a commercial real estate deal, when a Florida business owner has just secured a new location for their business or a new office building for the company's headquarters. There is no doubt about it: taking over ownership of a piece of property in real estate transactions can be a thrill.

How can you prepare for litigation in a real estate dispute?

Nobody likes it when a deal begins to "go south." It doesn't matter if it's at a car lot, a garage sale or in a real estate transaction - the feeling that a deal is not going to play out as planned can be frustrating. However, in a real estate dispute, there may be a significantly helpful option: litigation.

How can a Florida resident get a mortgage loan modification?

Many people have found themselves in a situation where they need to reevaluate their finances. Sometimes, this is due to an unexpected issue, like the sudden onset of a medical condition, or the loss of a job. However, many times people can see the problem coming. Maybe they are spending more money than they are making, and it is going to catch up with them down the line. For some people, a mortgage problem sparks the concern as well as the need to take proactive steps.

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