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Florida property owners: 3 tips to sell real estate in 2020

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2020 | Real Estate Transactions, Residential Real Estate

2020 is a year of unique obstacles. Hurricanes are forming in unusual patterns; a pandemic has struck throughout the world and individuals are unsure of their financial footing. These obstacles may make homeowners question whether or not they should sell their property. Those who are looking to sell real estate can still do so, and potentially at a gain, if they take some proactive steps.

Three tips that can help include:

  • Virtual technology is your friend. From getting good pictures to post online to having an actual video tour of the home, technology can help you grab a potential buyer’s attention without needing to have anyone actually come into the home.
  • Staging is a wise investment. Setting the home up to provide buyers with an idea of what it could look like may be even more important than ever. Now is not a good time to rely on a buyer’s imagination to envision what the home could be — take this step for the buyer to help move the process along smoothly.
  • Price to sell. Although national pricing for home sales have not fallen nationally, it is wise not to overprice the home. Real estate experts note that it is unlikely for sellers to see a large profit this year. However, waiting too long to sell a property could mean the market tanks and the homeowner loses the ability to sell. Now, they state, may be the best option.

Those who choose to move forward with a sale are wise to have a legal expert review the documents. An attorney experienced in Florida real estate law can put together a real estate sale document that better ensures your interests are protected throughout the process.