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Real estate dispute? 3 tips to choose the right attorney.

by | Jul 13, 2021 | Real Estate Disputes, Real Estate Transactions |

Real estate disputes can begin as a simple disagreement and quickly grow into a difficult to manage legal issue. Like the mythical hydra, every time you think you have resolved one problem, two more can sprout in its place. So how can you better ensure a real estate dispute is resolved in the first place so you can move on and focus your attention on other things? In many cases, the first and arguably most important step is to find the right legal counsel.

Real estate disputes generally involve the application of property law and contract law. This can include everything from zoning disputes and environmental issues to a breach of contract or false representations. Because these matters can be so complex, it is generally best to get an attorney that specializes in this area of law. It is a niche area and choosing a practice with a focused approach is often beneficial.

It is also helpful to find a law firm that has a firm understanding of local government policies as local ordinances often impact real estate matters. Finally, if you think you found counsel that could work for your issue do not hesitate to interview the potential attorney to see if they are the right fit. Ask about experience, particularly with cases that are similar to yours. Request references. Ask if they are also title agents, as this can be helpful if looking to close a real estate deal. Also, ask if the attorney will take on the case or if they will pass it on to a paralegal or other attorney within the firm that may have less experience. Once you gather this information, you increase the odds of finding an attorney that can provide valuable counsel while you navigate a complex issue.