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Home prices and property values remain high

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2023 | Residential Real Estate

Finding a home that is within one’s budget can be a difficult and complex process. Home prices have been remarkably high over the last few years, and inventory has remained low. As a result, purchasing a home can be a high-pressure process that can even involve bidding wars, going over budget and much more. All Florida buyers will benefit from understanding how they can protect their interests in this type of market. 

Do higher prices translate to higher risks? 

According to recent statistics, the total value of the housing market is almost 50% higher than it was before the pandemic. Larger cities, such as New York City or Miami, are among the highest, but this has been a trend virtually everywhere in the United States. One positive note for potential buyers is that new homes have decreased the home deficit crisis, which was one prominent factor driving up the price of homes.  

Higher interest rates are also impacting the housing market. Many current homeowners are choosing to remain in their homes as they have likely locked in a lower interest rate. In response to higher rates, builders are constructing smaller homes that are more affordable to offset the cost of interest rates. 

Protecting one’s interests 

Buying a home in Florida is a major legal and financial decision. It is beneficial for a potential buyer to work with an experienced attorney in order to understand the specific ways he or she can shield interests when taking this step. Legal guidance and assistance can prove beneficial at every step, from contract negotiation to the closing.