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Real estate figures in South Florida remain healthy

Anyone looking for storm clouds to gather over the South Florida real estate market any time soon will apparently be waiting for quite a while. According to a recent report, the March home values in the region were 11 percent higher than in March of 2012. March was the last month data was available from the Case-Shiller real estate index, and the increase was reportedly the 15th straight month of gains.

Thank you flippers? The old real estate investment idea is back

Most of our South Florida readers have probably heard the term "flippers." No, it doesn't refer to the fins of the dolphins swimming off the coast, but instead to investors who purchase real estate intending to renovate and update the property, and then sell it for a profit. Thousands of these types of real estate transactions occurred in the years leading up to the bursting of the housing bubble, and some lay part of the blame for that fiasco at the feet of flippers. However, according to a recent article, it is those very types of investors who are now adding the recovery of the South Florida real estate market.

Investors still eyeing South Florida real estate

For millions of Americans throughout the country, buying a new home is one of the most exciting times in life. An individual or family sits down at the real estate closing, signs all of the appropriate documents and are given the keys to their new home. Most people will always remember that first time they walk in the door of their new home as the new owners. In South Florida, however, there are others eyeing homes in the local area: investors.

Large real estate purchase in South Florida raises some eyebrows

The rush on residential real estate in South Florida has put quite a bit of pressure on prospective buyers. Previous posts here have detailed how the continuous rise in demand in the area has pushed purchase prices higher and higher, sometimes aided by bidding wars between families and investors. With real estate transactions occurring left and right every day, it can be especially interesting when a major purchase is made in South Florida. That was the case recently, according to a news report, when an investment firm announced a plan to purchase approximately 1,000 homes in the South Florida area.

Luxury real estate is bouncing back nicely

Although our South Florida readers probably know by now that the local real estate market is improving overall, it appears that luxury residential real estate is seeing quite a nice rise in particular. According to a recent article, some higher-end properties in South Florida, including Broward County and Palm Beach County in particular, saw their values drop almost 50 percent during the worst of the housing bubble crisis. However, those prices have rebounded in recent months, and real estate transactions involving properties valued over $750,000 have begun to increase as well.

Bidding wars may be on the rise for South Florida real estate

Prospective buyers take note: the seller's market in South Florida may be here to stay. Reports continue to surface that not only are owners who are looking to make a real estate sale in a particular strong position these days, but they are also increasingly able to dictate the terms of sale. This can often lead to bidding wars between potential buyers, and can also result in a fully paid, cash buyout.

Evidence that the market is improving - and not just in Florida

All of the good news about real estate that our South Florida readers see through our previous posts and in the local news may be blurring out the fact that it appears the nationwide real estate market could be marching toward recovery. Individuals and families throughout the country who have been getting involved in real estate transactions in recent months may have noticed a small but significant trend - home prices are rising.

Inventory down, prices up - looks like seller's market is coming

A recent headline from the South Florida area may not come as much of a surprise to our regular readers. According to the reports, the inventory for residential homes throughout the South Florida area was down approximately 34 percent this September, when compared to September of 2011.

South Florida keeps getting good news -- is there any elsewhere?

While South Florida has been spoiled with good news for the local real estate market, the rest of the country hasn't been fairing quite so well. Many of our readers are familiar by now with the data that continues to point out that South Florida is one area of the country that experienced a revival in real estate transactions over the course of the last several months. And from looking at most recent reports, the local housing market continues to improve.

Keep it coming: More good news for Broward County real estate

Our South Florida readers have heard it before, and now it appears they'll hear it again: Broward County is still one of the pockets of good news for the housing market.

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